Holy Santos Gang

In the last frontier we don't just listen to music, we construct it from the raw earth and whatever materials we've dragged here along the way. Holy Santos Gang was built over the past few years like a ship on a desert isle. It started as a raft of original songs, three friends who wanted to try something new, two guitars and a kit with a big bass drum. As attendance at the shows grew, a mast was raised and the bass guitar gave the group a much needed tailwind. Our styles hemmed the edges of the shoreline; rock, folk, americana, and slowly swept out into the larger undefined waters of alt-country and what we now call Frontier Rock. Our first recording project was a lesson in patience and industry that, while successful, could definitely be improved upon. Even as we sight the mainland in the distance we are content here in our intrepid waters, waiting for the perfect landfall for the release of our new full-length album, "TWAIN".

Upcoming Events

Saturday, March 14th 2015 Alice's, Homer, AK
Saturday, March 21st 2015 Down East Saloon, Homer, AK
Fri & Sat, April 3rd & 4th 2015 Tap Root Homer Invasion, Anchorage, AK
Upcoming Dates, 2015 Check www.facebook.com/holysantosgang for details, Homer, AK

'Lately' Music Video

Fairbanks Film Festival 2012 Best Music Video: Check out our awesome music video 'Lately'!


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      • Band Members:
        • Kyle(drums)
        • Steve (lead guitar/backup vocals)
        • Rockin' Rudy (guitar/vocals)
        • Dylan (bass)
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      • Los Holy Santos Gang - Twain 2013


        Mixed & Mastered by Atz Lee Kilcher

      • Mixed by Jebarri Dean, Mastered by Brad Sarno at Blue Jade Studios